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2022 LED Headlamp

The Ultimate all-in-one Headlamp

The 2022 LED Headlamp is the new standard in high-performance rechargeable headlamps. It's perfect for all kinds of activities such as running, construction, home repairs, and adventures alike. We handle the light so you can focus on the work.

The wide viewing angle illuminates more than what your eyes can see so you will have zero blindspots. The 350 lumen strong led is capable of reflecting a 400ft. beam without any problem.

Unique Wave Sensor

Easily control the lights by waving your hand around the sensor. Just wave across the sensor and it turns ON/OFF - in an instant. This will eliminate the need to constantly adjust your headlamp to illuminate specific areas, allowing you to stay focused.

5 light modes

The headlamp is powered by a COB front LED and a XPE side beam that delivers powerful light coverage up to 500ft. in distance. The side beam is perfect for when you don't want to blind everyone in your path. The headlamp charges with lighting speed via USB Type C. A full charge takes only 90 minutes, battery life are as follows:

3hrs. COB 100% at 350 Lumen

5hrs. COB RED at 150 Lumen

4hrs. XPE 100% at 150 Lumen

8hrs. XPE 40% at 60 Lumen

8hrs. Strobe function