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Adjustable Nail Gun

"Great value! No issues at all! This baby got the job done quickly and efficiently! I am a chick and had no issues with the weight or feel of this gun! Absolutely one of the best things I have ever bought and I am so excited to put it to more good use on future projects!!."


Steve J.


Our Adjustable Nail Gunuses the latest air compression technology and special noise reduction nails, so you don’t need to carry extra power or gas cylinders.

Our nails have patented technology. But you don’t have to worry about the lack of nails. After the product is delivered, you can purchase it through the special link in our product manual.


  • High quality:Made of solid metal, with a non-slip rubber handle and non-slip shield, explosion-proof barrel, safe and durable.
  • Small and convenient:Lightweight, small size, can be operated with one hand.
  • Double silencer:The thickened steel silencer reduces noise and is safer, and the construction environment is more comfortable, without disturbing family members or neighbors.
  • Strong penetrating power: Nailing only needs 0.1S, and can penetrate a 3 mm steel plate.
  • Scope of application:camera installation, electrical box installation, water and electricity installation, air-conditioning internal machine installation, hanging photo frames, multi-function racks, small distribution boxes, pipe installation, wire binding.
  • Type H Function:Double 6-pinhole silencer head, pinhole design enhances the excitation effect, is firmer and safer, reduces sound damage, and is comfortable and safe to use.

  • In Stock Nail gun Silencer Shoot Nail Grab Nailing Tool Kit Multifunctional Wall Fastening Tool Free shipping
    Strong and durable:not easy to break, lower loss, internal springs, can better protect the inner structure from damage, and will not deform, at least can withstand millions of ejections.

    Environmental protection: This product does not require a power source, because it has noise reduction, it will not produce smoke and dust, which is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

    In Stock Nail gun Silencer Shoot Nail Grab Nailing Tool Kit Multifunctional Wall Fastening Tool Free shipping
    Safety Precautions
    • Read this manual carefully before use.
    • Do not compress the nail shooter by hand.
    • Do not aim the nail shooter at yourself or others for operation.
    • Do not hand the nail shooter to children or others to fiddle with or play with.
    • When you stop using or disassembling or wiping the nail shooter, remember to remove the ceiling first Shoot nails and plastic shell bullets.
    • Protective glasses, helmets, and other protective equipment must be worn during use.
    • It is strictly forbidden to use nail shooters in places with flammable and explosive gases or objects.
    • During construction, if there is no firing, you should stand still for more than 5 seconds and compress with one hand For the barrel, use needle-nose pliers with the other hand to remove the dud, please be sure to wear protective glasses and hands Set of operations.
    • For the safety of your life and property, please use the original ceiling nail shooter. Equipment supporting products.
    Silence:Different from ordinary nail guns, our noise reduction ability is extremely excellent, so you can work with peace of mind without disturbing others.