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Pebble Gray

Our bands make your life better

Soft & breathable

Comfy, sweat-wicking, and always the right temperature. You'll never be irritated with that "something" on your wrist ever again, because you barely even notice the band while you go about everyday life.

Free from buckles

Our fabric is smooth, soft, and lays flat on your wrist. Can you imagine typing, writing, drawing and everything else, with nothing pressing and digging into your skin? Heaven.

Easy to put on

Never again fumble with strap holes on your watch band. Or worse, finding that your perfect fit is between two strap holes. With our band, just slip it on and it molds to your wrist over time.


Keep your band clean and free of sweat without much work at all. No need to worry about your band getting stinky with sweat. Just toss it into the washing machine. Talk about convenience