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Champagne Gun

Pop the bottle and spray that champagne in style with the most convenient sprayer!

Do you want to elevate your party with champagne showers? Sprinkle your guests with this elegant-looking champagne sprayer! This product is compatible with 350-750mL champagne bottles and sparkling drinks that can make the party atmosphere more interesting!

This trendy new method of spraying champagne has an ergonomic design with a pre-formed handle that is comfortable to hold. It has a throttle trigger valve that can be remotely controlled or sprayed from a long distance. It's like a bottle stopper to keep the champagne fresh and sparkling.

The Champagne Sprayer is made of ABS plastic, serving you for long-term use. It is suitable for all types of parties. With its portable design, you can just pop and place it in the bottle cap and simply start spraying!



✓ Multifunctional

✓ Sturdy & Portable

✓ Wide Compatibility

✓ Fun & Easy to Use


1. Open the handle to release the sealant.

2. Adjust the screw until desired sealant size is reached.

3. Place it on the bottle head, then lower the handle until the switch is locked.

4. Check if there are no leaks, aim and fire!