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Chase Mouse Wooden Cat Toy

  • Made of corrugated paper ,wood, silicone, non-toxic and safe for your cats, and they are also environmentally friendly.
  • The cat will not be lazy to play with the cat hunting toy. Super fun and engaging, this interactive cat toy can provide exercise stimulation and keep pets from getting too bored. Let your cat exercise and stay healthy.

  • Makes exercise easier through a different lever. Give your cat a way to unleash his energy with this fun toy combo.
  • Hitting lever will popup a cartoon mouse, give you and your loving pet an unexpected surprise.
  • Best Gift for Cats: Cats are active, these toys stimulate most of your cats hunting habits, helping your cats stay fit and healthy. When you are playing together, you will get to know your cats better and get closer to them. The best holiday and birthday gift for you and all your cat-loving friends.


Size: 36.3x26x6cm
Material: Corrugated paper ,wood, silicone
Suitable for indoor play or training. Not only can you enhance the relationship between you and your pet, but you can also train your pet's IQ!