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Customdz™ Custom DIY Diamond Photo Kit

Canvas Direction
Canvas Size
Diamond Shape

    With our Diamond Painting Kit you can create a sparkling, vibrant work of art at home. Simply apply the colored resin diamonds to the pre-printed canvas using the provided tools. When you follow the straight forward pattern, you’ll see the stunning mosaic designs appear.
    8 Benefits of Diamond Painting:
    ✅ It's Relaxing and Therapeutic
    ✅ It's an Amazing Hobby
    ✅ Reduce Stress and Anxiety
    ✅ Helps Your Brain To Focus
    ✅ Helps Your Fine Motor Skill
    ✅ Increases Your Social Circles
    ✅ Helps to Spark Creativity
    ✅ It's a Great Gift to Your Loved Ones

    3 Quick Steps and the Custom made DIY Diamond Photo on its way to you:
    1. Choose the preferred canvas orientation, image size and diamond shape in the window
    2. Submit 1 photo and wait until the upload is complete 
    3. Press add to cart and checkout! Your special painting is being sent to you!

    The Basic Rule is: Bigger Canvas ➡️ More Gems & Colors ➡️ Better EffectWe recommend to order the following Picture Size for different types of your photos:

    Please note: Uploaded photos that will not be in the corresponding size & ratio with the ordered picture size - will be automatically cropped by our designers in order to fit your ordered picture size.Please check your photo size and ratio before ordering.
    Our sizes are listed in centimeters and equivalent inches.

    Each Diamond Photo Kit includes the following Contents:
    • 1x Full Drill High Quality Velvet Canvas
    • Color Coded Crystals
    • 1x Special Pen-Applicator
    • 1x Craft Tray
    • 1x Strong Wax Pad
    • Instructions & Tips paper