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CUSTOMDZ™ Magnet Love Bracelet

"I feel like I can conquer the world with one hand, when you are holding the other"

Hearts Valley Magnetic Love Bracelets

 Two halves of a heart become one when placed close to each other, signifying a deep bond of trust, love, and laughter.

Hearts Valley Magnetic Love Bracelets
Magnetic Love Bracelets will remind you that what's meant to be connected will always be, no matter how far away you are from each other ♡

Never let go of your favourite person!

These beautiful bracelets with their small magnets ensure that you can reconnect with your significant other again and again. Simply seek the closeness of your soulmate and let the miracle of attraction happen.

In just 2 steps to your very own personal gift:

Step 1: Enter your desired engraving for the 1st bracelet

Step 2: Enter your desired engraving for the 2nd bracelet

Each bracelet is laser engraved by us with a lot of love and is absolutely unique. So it makes the perfect gift for you most important person to show your love and appreciation.

The lengths of the bracelet is adjustable as required.