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CUSTOMDZ™ Pain Nagato Blackout Hoodie


We can’t actually send you into the world of Naruto, but we can get you pretty close with our anime apparel. Enjoy geeking out while wearing your favorite Naruto Shippuden merch! 


Intending to personally bring that level of despair to the world, Nagato took on the name of "Pain". As the damage he'd received from Hanzō's attack and the link with the Demonic Statue left him frail and immobile, Nagato created the Six Paths of Pain out of corpses that he controlled remotely.

Nagato was the only wielder of the Rinnegan to master all six. He was able to use at least two at the same time and to switch between one and another within seconds, enabling him to face all types of foes at once. Due to his crippled state, Nagato uses these powers through his signature Six Paths of Pain.

After he performs Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique his hair turns white as a side-effect of the jutsu, and it remains that colour after Nagato is reincarnated, during which he is donned with a maroon long sleeved cloak.