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Customdz™ Personalised 100 Language i love you Projection Customised Photo Calendar Keychain


Customize Your Picture Projection Keychain
You can freely customize anything you like, including people, pets, landscapes and even symbols, and you can use the text as a souvenir.

The perfect  gift, treat your wife for your wedding anniversary, delight your mom on Mother's Day, your girlfriend for Valentines Day, your daughter for Christmas or best friend on her birthday!

This Heart-shaped accessories has a secret message, inside you'll find that "I Love You" is written in 100 different languages!Shining a light through the glass on the necklace will reveal a hidden message - a projection of "I Love You" writings in 100 different languages!

Meaningful Accessory & Memorial Gift
This custom projection keychain engraved wit pet photos will provide you with the perfect accessory or a meaningful souvenir for your loved one.

We tailor a photo projection keychain for you to cherish or share your good times. It is also an ideal warm comfort for loved ones and friends who have lost their pets.