CUSTOMDZ™ Christmas Birthday Valentines Day Gift Music Box

Give your loved one a reasonto smile every morning with this music box.


Music boxes have always been a source of enchantment and joy to their owners throughout history. This music box is a tiny treasure chest that plays the soft, magical tune of “You are my sunshine” to comfort your dearest with love and laughter every time they turn its musical arm.

💌Handmade with wood

💌Detailed engraving pattern

💌Available in 2 engraved designs

💌Small enough to fit in a pocket

💌Plays Johnny Cash’s "You are my Sunshine”

💌The perfect gift for birthdays anniversaries, or Valentine’s graving pattern

This compact little wooden box resembles the vintage music boxes that were created by master craftsmen in the early 20th century. The exterior of the box features a detailed floral engraving with the inner side of the lid featuring the words “You are my sunshine”.

A turn of the arm sets off the beautiful sweet melody that will surely fill your loved one with an overflowing sense of endearment, and truly make them happy even when skies are grey.

Small enough to fit in a palm,
the “You Are My Sunshine” Music Box
will bring sunshine to your loved one’s day.