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Customised Dogs Face And Name Harness

Straps On In Just 3 Seconds

Woofie features aneasy on/off designthat your dog won't back out of. It makes for hassle-free wears and comes complete with asturdy metal leashattachment.

Being ano-pull harness, it drastically reduces those annoying pulls your tends to do all while distributing the pressure evenly along the body to give you more control.

Best Dog Harness With Handle

Personalized For All Dogs

Along with thepersonalizedtext of your dog's name & your phone number, you can choose from 7 colors and 6 sizes.

It'ssuitable for all typesof dogs, ranging from small breeds weighing 5lbs (2kg) to larger breeds of 150 lbs (68kg).

Each harness is personalized specifically for you and comes withadjustable strapsfor your dogs to fit in comfortably without being able to chew on the harness.

Improves Your Dog's Behaviour

It is all too common fortraditional dog leashesand harness to pull on your dog, not only giving you less control but potentiallyhurting their neck or spine. As dogs can get easily distracted by cars, squirrels, rabbits, or other dogs, you never know when you might have to abruptly stop your dog.

Woofiebypasses this problemwith its state of the art no-pull technology, equally distributing weight accross your dog's frame when using leash.The result?Effortless control and comfortat the same time, for both you and your dog.

For extra control, hold your dog in place directly fomr the extra durable top handle, gain total flexibility with hisall-in-one harness!

Best dog seat belt, easy walk harness

Why is Woofie Harness better?

Woofie harness isperfect for training, discourages pullingand allows you to stop your dog fromjumping up on strangerswithout worrying about choking all while giving you more control. Dogs on harnesses are also less likely to be tangled up in the leash accidentally.

A big advantage a harness has over collars is that theyreduce the risk of neck injurywhich dogs are prone to. They massivelyreduce respiratory problems and tracheal collapses.