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Form Fitting Gel Ice Headache Relief Hat

Do You Suffer From Severe Headaches?

We all have experienced a headache at least once in our lifetime. Some of us suffer from headaches regularly, and even migraines. I think we all can agree that any kind of head pain SUCKS!
Will look no further because we have the perfect solution for you!


The Perfect Amount of Pressure!

The Headache Cap was specifically designed to provide you with the perfect amount of compression to help soothe your headache or migraine even while sleeping.

Wear our headband when you feel the onset of a headache and go close your eyes for a nap. By the time you wake up you'll feel way better. Did we mention it also reduces puffiness in the face.

Expert-Grade & Cutting Edge!

Simply freeze in a Ziplock bag for 2 hours or more between uses. The thick gel, combined with the dark color of the mask, will help alleviate light sensitivity when experiencing a migraine or headache. This natural remedy cold pack is safe for daily use. The compression mask effectively supports and compresses the face, eyes, and head to get all areas as needed.

Sit Back,Relax,&Relieve

As you lay in bed or on your comfy couch, its soft gel design won't put undo pressure on specific areas like a hard ice pack insert. Just pull this cold compress over your eyes, face and head. Great for eye, cranial, facial tension, and stress relief.