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Hand-Held Insect Catching Spider Trap

Hand-Held Insect Catching Spider Trap!

Kick creepy crawlies out of your house !


This is the purpose built tool for removing spiders, cockroaches, and other gross bugs from your house while still keeping your distance.


It lets you  easily pick them up, carry them outdoors, and  humanely release them to live out the rest of their lives where they belong -  not in your house!



Effortless use

Using it is extremely simple. All you do is squeeze the handle to open the claw, snatch the bug, and run outside.


You don't have to keep squashing bugs and cleaning up the mess, this product lets you release them back into the wild.



Container included

After catching the bug, you cap the claw with a clear container that makes sure they don't escape.

Every nook and cranny

Since this product is so long and skinny, you can capture bugs that are deep under furniture!



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What bugs can you catch with it?

A: Anything from the smallest little spiders to the fattest cockroaches you've ever seen. This product works on everything!


Q: How long is it?

A: It's 27 inches long. So when you combine that with how long your arms are, you're more than 4 feet away from the bug!


Q: Does it hurt the bug?

A: Nope! That's the whole point, you can catch bugs and release them without harming them at all;)