Magic Laser Playing Cards (2Packs)


Looking for something to help you stand out in the crowd? We offer you the best and the most special poker playing cards available in the market. The glimmering look is not its only strong suit. With better texture and a classy packaging, our cards will give you unspoiled fun and gaming experience you deserve.

This is not just any other ordinary poker playing cards. The black gemstone-like poker playing cards are recommended to be used in well-lit room or outdoors as they will shimmer under light. Its pure black color is also a great way to prevent card game cheating.

Our cards are specially designed to be dull-edged to prevent you from finger cuts. While most card sellers tend to forget how easily finger oils and dirt can build up on cards and stick cards together, we bear it in mind and are here to offer you the cards that will give you the smoothest shuffling and dealing experience. More amazingly, our cards are unbendable, which means they are durable and will be in good shape long after use.

The poker playing card would be an awesome addition to your collection. It is also the perfect choice to spice up your family and friends’ gatherings or for your summer pool and beach parties.