Rainbow Scent Diffuser


The Rainbow Scent Diffuser uses your favorite essential oil, perfume, or cologne to the air to create a peaceful, better-smelling environment. Keep your bedroom smelling fresh at all times, as it should.

Perfect for your bedroom, living room, and car! It uses nano-atomization technology to bind the fragrance to water for 10x better diffusing.




The calm trickling water sounds & soothing whirr of the Scent Diffuser on your bedside table can promote calmness of body and mind, promoting a night of restful, uninterrupted sleep.


The aroma of certain oils such as Lavender and Eucalyptus have a direct effect on the parts of the brain that control anxiety and stress, soothing the nervous system and promoting feelings of calmness


Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or fragrance and the Scent Diffuser will turn it into a gentle, fragrant mist that will delicately scent your entire home.


The Scent Diffuser is perfect for your car or truck because of its portability and sleek design. Fitting in most cup holders, it is perfect to keep those musty car smells away!

Not only will it eliminate odor, but it also is so much ber and longer lasting than a boring old air freshener. Turn any car into a fresh-smelling environment within minutes.


Our Colorful LED Technology has a VIVID colorful Cycling light setting that creates a peaceful ambiance while delivering a soothing mist. It offers maximum relaxation for you. Using it as a night light can improve your sleeping quality.


Operating our diffuser is one of the easiest things ever. There are 2 spray modes, one press for constant spray, and twice for interval spray. There is a 4 hour scheduled shutdown time for constant spray, and 6 hours for interval spray. Make sure to clean the filter and humidifier every 15 days for constant fresh and moist air.



Use With or Without Fragrance: Add 1-2 drops/sprays of fragrance. Or use it without for a misting humidifier.

Lasts for 10 Hours: Each refill will last up to 10 hours.

3 LED Modes: Select 7 color LED, white, or completely off.

Auto-Shutoff: Never worry about having to turn Humidifier off. Set auto shutoff for 4/6 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this a diffuser or humidifier?

It's both! Our Scent Diffuser can not only disperse a heavenly scent throughout your room but also provide many health benefits.

2. Can I leave it on when I sleep?

Yes! It is perfectly safe to leave on when you're asleep. If the water is too low, the Scent Diffuser shuts off automatically.

3. Is it easy to clean?

Our Scent Diffuser is made to be disassembled easily. Just add warm water + a little soap, swire for 20 seconds and wipe with a towel

4. I have hayfever/sleep/allergy/sinus problems, can this help?

We've heard from many of our customers that using this as a humidifier has helped with many sinus issues. Having correctly humidified air is very therapeutic and reduces dust and allergens in the air. Some of our customers also use lavender oil to help with relaxation and to stay calm. Please always consult with a doctor.

5. How long does the water last?

Each container of water lasts around 10-12 hours. Our diffuser also has auto-shutoff feature and 4/6 hr timer feature.

6. Can I use any fragrance oils?

Yes you can! Our diffuser is designed to work with all fragrances and essential oils. We have a specialized set of pure aromatherapy oils that can be purchased in our bundle below. Many of our customers are using this purely as a humidifier as well.

7. Does this require a battery?

Our product comes with a universal USB wire. This is so that the product can be used in many different places. To ensure constant voltage, the USB wire must be plugged in to stay operational.You can use your iPhone/Android charging head, with your computer or laptop, even with your portable charger.

8. Is this animal safe?

Yes, We suggest adding 2 drops of oil/fragrances into the water to dilute the product. It's important to use high quality / organic oil to use with animals.