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The Smart Hula Hoop HOT SALE


 The Magic Hula Hoop Customdz® is an award-winning fitness device designed to shape waistlines, develop abdominal muscles, and improve cardiovascular fitness in a safe and entertaining way.

Adjustable and retractable, the Magic Hula Hoop customdz® is built to fit any size regardless of your fitness level. Increase the intensity of your workout to burn more energy and lose inches around your waist!

The Magic Hula Hoop Ring customdz® is made up of a weighted spinning ball that employs centrifugal force for a more aerobic workout. Try a new approach to exercise that is both enjoyable and efficient.


    • 1 x Magic Hula Hoop customdz®
    • 1 x Magic Weight Ball

Note: The hula hoop Magic Ball does not contain fillers, and must be filled by the user at the time of delivery. For beginners, it is recommended not to exceed 200g.


Q1: Is the Magic Hula Hoop customdz® comfortable around the waist?
A1: The weighted hula has magnetic shock-absorbing silicone pads that fit comfortably around the waist and protect against wear on the skin.

Q2: Can the ball fall off during exercise?
A2: No, it is installed on the track of the hula hoop through a pulley. The pulley rolls on the track when it is in motion, and will not fall off during exercise.

Q3:  How heavy is the ball?
A3: The ball is 0.65 pounds and can be adjusted in weight by removing one of the weight plates located inside the ball or adding weight. You have the ability to open the ball with a screwdriver and add weight to it as needed, for a more intense workout. Fill it with small weights, sand, or even rice to add weight and increase the intensity of your workout


Q4: Is the Magic Hula Hoop customdz® easy to assemble?
A4: Yes! You can adjust the size of the customdz™ by simply connecting or de-connecting the 16 sections with the push of a button on each section. Once configuring the weighted hula to your size on the first use, you will be able to put it on and start working out immediately every time thereafter.

Q5: How many times per week and how much time per day should I use the Magic Hula Hoop customdz®?
A5: Hula hooping is an anaerobic exercise that has various levels of intensity. The amount that you use the Magic Hula Hoop customdz® depends on your personal goals. Paired with a good diet and healthy habits, many users have reported losing 5lbs to 10lbs within the first few weeks of use by doing 30 min of exercise 3-5 times per week.